OSB Training met Easifil adapter

OSB Training met Easifil adapter

OSB Training met Easifil adapter



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AP Training OSB met Easifil adapter

SMBCI/T/35P - AP Training Surface Marker Buoy with Easifil Adaptor

The AP Training SMB is identical in design to the rest of the AP self-sealing SMB range only much smaller - just 2 litres capacity - which allows the trainee diver to practice deployment multiple times without serious depletion of their gas supplies.

The instructor can supervise the student inflating the SMB and sending it to the surface, then pull it back down (still inflated), deflate it and hand it back to the student to try again.

Deploy, inflate and launch… pull it down, deflate, relaunch, repeat…

Inflation of the SMBCI/T/35P is achieved in the usual ways, either by inserting a second stage air source into the mouth of the buoy or by inflator hose via the Easifil adaptor.

N.B. The AP35P Easifil medium pressure inflator hose adaptor can be used with any make of inflator hose, not just AP hoses.

The Easifil has an inflator stem with no locking-groove on it which prevents the hose from becoming attached to the SMB at any point during inflation and so avoids the danger of any sudden increase in buoyancy to the diver. The hose will be connected only as long as it is held in place by the diver as shown.

The SMBC/T/35P features the original AP self-sealing baffle in the mouth which seals on inflation to prevent gas loss from the buoy at the surface.

Deflation is achieved with the dump/over-pressure valve.

The AP SMBC/T is also available on this site with a 0.1 litre DIN cylinder (or a blanking plate only) to allow trainees to practice deployment with the different methods of inflation.