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Paralenz-3rd-Person-Viewer Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer

The 3rd person viewer is a telescopic pole that extends to over 1.8m / 6ft giving you a unique perspective on your dives.
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Paralenz-Adjustable-mask-mount Paralenz Adjustable mask mount

Paralenz Adjustable mask mount
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Paralenz-Ball-Mount-Kit Paralenz Ball Mount Kit

Integrate the Paralenz camera in the ball arm and tripod system. Mount the camera fixed or use the click mount for fast and easy mounting.
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Paralenz-Dive-Camera+ Paralenz Dive Camera+

A dedicated underwater Action Camera that was made for diving that works in every situation that you need.
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Paralenz-End-Cap-Aluminium Paralenz End Cap Aluminium

Paralenz End Cap Aluminium
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Paralenz-Floaters-for-3rd-Person-Viewer Paralenz Floaters for 3rd Person Viewer

Set of floaters for the 3rd Person Viewer
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Paralenz-Lens-Kit Paralenz Lens Kit

Replacement glass lens for your Paralenz Dive Camera.
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Paralenz-SanDisk-Extreme-Micro-SD-Card Paralenz SanDisk Extreme Micro SD Card

Highly recommended for use with your Paralenz® Dive Camera, the SanDisk Extreme is the perfect SD Card to get the most out of your device.
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Paralenz-Speargun-Mount-Kit Paralenz Speargun Mount Kit

The dedicated speargun mount kit provides you a unique view on your dives, with a direct POV shot of your entire catch.
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