Medical Mask to MP Hose Connector

(Artikelnr: APD-SCUBA2MED3)

SCUBA2MED3 – Medical Mask to MP Hose Connector

The SCUBA2MED3 Hose Connector is an easy way for divers to administer first aid oxygen therapy.

It is intended for use by suitably qualified divers (or other qualified first responders) for oxygen delivery to divers in an emergency.

The SCUBA2MED3 is designed for use with disposable Non-rebreather Masks (the type with a bag attached as shown) that require a high concentration constant flow of gas to the mask. (N.B. the mask and tubing are not supplied).

  • Plugged into a standard oxygen delivery mask the connector is ready for immediate deployment. It can be connected to a mask tube (as shown) and taken on every dive as part of your oxygen therapy emergency kit.
  • Simply connect the SCUBA2MED3 to any Schrader valve type BCD inflator, turn the gas on and the fixed orifice delivers a constant flow between 15-17 litres per minute (LPM) - depending on the Interstage Pressure (IP).

With a cylinder containing 100% O2 the SCUBA2MED3 connector delivers a continuous flow of oxygen to the patient at:

  • A nominal flow rate of 15 LPM (STP) with a 7.5 bar IP
  • A nominal flow rate of 17 LPM (STP) with a 9.5 bar IP
  • It connects securely to the snap connector of all makes of medium pressure hose (AP hoses or International standard)
  • Oxygen compatible and oxygen clean*

The SCUBA2MED3 is intended for use with high-% oxygen supplies – 80-100% such as the oxygen supply on a closed circuit rebreather or other high-% supply such as deco stage cylinders. The oxygen flow rates 15-17 LPM (STP) above are based on 100% oxygen. If using a cylinder containing 80% oxygen the equivalent oxygen flow rates will be 20% lower. That is:

  • Cylinders containing 80% will deliver O2 at 12 LPM (STP) at 7.5 bar IP
  • Cylinders containing 80% will deliver O2 at 13.6 LPM (STP) at 9.5 bar IP


Dimensions: 38mm long              Weight:  0.01 kg

The SCUBA2MED3 connector is a lightweight and inexpensive solution for O2 administration for divers.



-       WARNING - YOU MUST ENSURE the cylinder you are connecting to contains a BREATHABLE GAS.

-       This product is intended for use by divers who are trained in the use and safety precautions associated with high oxygen % Nitrox and Oxygen. 

*It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the connector remains oxygen clean after purchase, during storage and before use.


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