Camband small (100-130mm)

Camband small (100-130mm)
Camband small (100-130mm)

Camband small (100-130mm)



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An extremely secure method of mounting 100-130mm cylinders (1-1.5 litre or 2-3 litre).

A stainless steel 3 bar buckle (included) is threaded onto the existing cylinder band and positioned so that it is located on the outside of the rebreather case. The RB10/13 off-board cam band is then threaded onto this stainless buckle.

The RB10/13 can also be used to attach cylinders to any suitable area of 50mm webbing camband, for example, to attach a 1-1.5 litre argon cylinder to a pony cylinder (see image).

It can also be used as an alternative to metalsub bands and fitted to an EV92/2 metalsub bracket (see image).

Please Note: the RB10/13 is designed specifically for use with 100-130mm cylinders. The curve of the cam and the bend in the stainless ring matches the curve of the cylinder. If you attempt to use cambands designed for larger 10-15litre cylinders, the cam will not be secure (see image).