200bar DIN connector

(Artikelnr: APD-AP56D200)

200bar DIN connector converts AP8K to SCUBA

AP56D200 - 200BAR DIN Insert / Oxygen Decanting Hose Converter 

The AP56D200 DIN Insert is a replacement part for AP DIN Mini-Cylinder Valves - AP8D and AP8DM14 (see valve component diagram).

Oxygen Decanting Hose Converter - from Industrial Connection to SCUBA:

It is also used to convert the AP8K Industrial-type Oxygen Decanting Hose (as above - available from this site) by replacing the industrial bull-nose type connector to allow filling from SCUBA to SCUBA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The AP56D200 is NOT oxygen clean and needs to be cleaned by the diver or service technician at the time of valve assembly if intended for use with gas mixes of 40%+ oxygen content.

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