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W5 3,5mm Fullsuit

W5 3,5mm Fullsuit

W5 3,5mm Fullsuit - Backzip



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W5 3,5mm Fullsuit

We believe buying a Waterproof suit is smart. The W5 3.5mm has been designed to set new standards in performance and style, and is made with the same high quality standards as our top-of-the-line suits. All packed into a smart and stylish Scandinavian design for the diver who demand the best and not afraid to show it.

The W5 includes all the features you have come to expect in every Waterproof product like high quality material and anatomical fit. It is made of high stretch Nylon/Elastane with 100% Microcell CR Neoprene, handmade, glued and blindstitched. Additionally it includes all of the features from our heavier lines like a comfort zipper in the neck, flow guards in the wrists and ankles and embossed Duratex flexible kneepads and elbow protectors.

  •  3,5mm Microcell CR Neoprene

  • Soft and flexible - yet compression resistant

  • Glued and blindstitched

  • YKK No10 Vislon Backzipper

  • Anatomical 3D Sculpted

  • Moulded Velcro Tab in the neck

  • Comfort Zipper in the front to relieve stress on the surface

  • Zippered arms and legs for easy donning of the suit.

  • Flowguards at arms and legs restricting water flow

  • PU Anti-Slip on sleeves for keeping your computer in place

  • Embossed Duratex reinforced knees and elbows

  • WPAD - artfully constructed docking station located on the right thigh for

    our expandable pocket.

  • Color: Dark Grey/White


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