Paralenz Vaquita

Paralenz Vaquita

Paralenz Vaquita - Summer 2020



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Paralenz Vaquita - Summer 2020

Based on everything Paralenz learned developing the Dive- Camera +, they launch a new and even better camera; Paralenz Vaquita - September 2020.

Limited stock available for launch. First come first serve. Place your order today!

Invoices: Prepayment after confirmed order.

Presenting: The Paralenz Vaquita vs. DiveCamera+





0.95” true color OLED 180x120p

0.5” black and white OLED

Video Resolution 4K 60 fps / 1080 240 fps / HEVC (H.265) video codec

4k-60 fps / 1080 240 fps

Waterproof to

350m / 1150FT / 36 ATM

250m / 820FT 26 ATM


8 modes; extra custom mode, GPS, and access to your dive logs

5 modes

Pressure / Temperature / GPS / Gyroscope / Accelorometor / Conductivity

Pressure / Temperature / Gyroscope / Accelorometor

Color Correction

WB + Intelligent DCC (specifications to be revealed later)


HEVC (H.265), enabling smaller file sizes while keeping the dynamic range of the video


Quick-release coupling with triple O-ring

Thread with triple O-rings


The Paralenz App

Unlock your Vaquita’s full potential with the Paralenz App.

The Paralenz App generates a dive profile and synchro- nizes with all your footage. No need for files or folders, everything is automatically organized in dives. Edit your recordings smoothly, and share your highlights with like- minded divers and marine scientists worldwide.

Get free storage account

The free Paralenz App makes storing, sharing, and view- ing your footage easy. Download the app via App Store or Google Play. Updating the camera firmware is easily done through the app.

Every Dive Counts

With every dive you upload, you automatically share Ocean data to marine conservationists and scientists worldwide. We believe: every diver is an explorer and every dive counts!

What's in the box?
  • 1 x Paralenz Vaquita
  • 1 x Click Mount
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 3 x Extra O-Rings
  • Purchasing Paralenz Vaquita will also provide you with 1 x Travel BAg and 1 x quick guide to get you started